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Woman, flirt online dating is the site where enter open communication with date a match something as simple.The company’s Chief Executive Dmitry Filatov explained how they tracked down the hacker based on adverts looking to sell the data, and paid him for discovered a security weakness, saying in an email to Reuters, “We have paid him an award for finding a vulnerability and agreed on further cooperation in the field of data security.” “As we made an agreement with him we do not see any reason for him to break it,” he added. David Lewis, writing a security column in Forbes, expressed concern that this sets a “horrible precedent.” Lewis wrote, “By paying out to this person what guarantees does that provide that another will not try the same thing? This will serve as encouragement for others to try similar things with other targets.” The motives of the attack were not entirely clear.When interviewed by International Business Times last week, the hacker – who goes by the moniker Mastermind – reportedly explained that his intent was not to profit from a data sale, but to highlight the ‘dirty business’ of fake accounts on dating sites.The data gave not only usernames, postal codes and dates of birth, but also an indication of which users were seeking an extra-marital affair.In its response to our story, the company stated that it had “only just been made aware” of the hack.

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